Where Do You Put Your Phone When You Work Out?

Where Do You Put Your Phone When You Work Out?

When you don’t have the right fitness gear, your workout isn’t as productive as it could be. Holding your phone or stuffing your keys in your socks can risk damage to your essentials and hinder your performance.

Whether you’re wearing short shorts or jogging pants, you may be able to find a place on your person to store your keys and earbuds. But where do you put your smartphone when you work out? It may not be as large as the phones from the 80s, but they’re still sizable.  

As a world-class technology company, McDodo has the solution for you, so you can make the most of your exercise regime!

Products to Use and Not Use for Your Workout

If you’re tired of holding your iPhone in your sweaty hands while running, or are afraid of forgetting it at the local gym, McDodo can help with our sports armband that comes in several sporty colors. It will protect your phone from bad habits and DIY solutions that just make things worse.

What is the Best Phone Accessory for Running?

When it comes to a workout, no two are the same. Everyone has different preferences from the time of day to the phone fitness products they want to use. But we recommend that you get a phone clip on an armbandif you do a lot of running or walking.

Our version of this type of product keeps your smartphone secure with easy access. Just place the silicone holder over the phone and clip it into the band. Because this is a fitness product, it’s made of comfortable and breathable material.

Runners sometimes use their phone for GPS directions. One sweet feature of our sports armband is that it rotates 360°. If it’s on your wrist, it can function like a watch, so you don’t need to stop to take your phone out or risk dropping it as you remove it from the band.

Some people argue that they don’t want to spend money on extra items for their workout. We understand that, but if you’re going to store your expensive iPhone that holds all of your valuable information in your sock, you’ll end up spending money on repairs or a replacement. 

You may think that duct tape will solve the problem. It can, but after your run, the removal will be unpleasant and leave residue on your phone that may never come off!

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Where Do You Put Your Phone When You Have No Pockets?

Good sportswear is made to be stretchy with minimal details for your optimal performance during a workout. Unfortunately, many jogging shorts and pants are made without a pocket or have small ones that can fit an old iPod Nano. But a smartphone? Forget it!

People who don’t use their phone as much think that you should put it in the pocket or leave it at home. It’s distracting and can throw you off balance. But many runners and other types of exercisers use their phone to listen to music, monitor their health, and track their route.

Now, running and working out hands-free is the norm, so strapping your phone to your arm is the best way to keep it close to you, whether you’re using it for music or just want it as a means of communication. Besides, when you go out for a run, having a phone is a good safety precaution.

You may think that a workout belt would be a good alternative. It depends on the person. Some may feel as though they’re carrying more weight since the belt surrounds their waist. The same can be said for sports bras. While companies are making them with pockets, the more items added to this area of the body, the more everything will bounce. 

This affects a person’s performance during a fitness exercise, such as running. Our arm and wristband covers less area on the body compared to a belt, making it a more comfortable and better option.


Where Do You Put Your Phone When Lifting Weights?

Some people will leave their phone in a pocket—if they have any—while lifting weights, but this can throw you off balance when you lie down on the bench. And leaving your phone and other essentials on the floor while working out, whether at the gym or in your home, can:

  • Cause injuries
  • Damage the items
  • Risk theft
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Wearing an armband for your phone is great for running, but if you’re pumping weights, you may not appreciate the pressure of a band wrapped around your arm. 

So, what can you do?

You can still use our sports armband because it’s designed with an adjustable strap, so it doubles as a wristband for your convenience. It’s comfortable, lightweight and made of breathable material, so it won’t negatively impact your workout! Additionally, the band has a compartment for keys, money, and earbuds, keeping your valuables safe.

Going for a run? Heading to spin class? Exercise without worry with the best fitness gear, like our sports arm and wristband.

Trust McDodo Worldwide for All of Your Cell Phone Accessories

We make products that simplify your everyday life. We ensure that their design is durable and long-lasting for optimal use. Whether you need a wireless smartphone charger in your car or a better way to hold your phone while exercising, McDodo Worldwide is the place to shop at for all of your technology needs.

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