Is Wireless Charging Safe?

Is Wireless Charging Safe?

Charging your phone is now a mundane, everyday task.

Some people plug their phone in when they get to work; others place it on a wireless charging pad before they go to sleep. But is wireless charging safe for your phone and for your health? How does a wireless charger work exactly? Is wireless charging bad for battery life?

Unless you're a lover of technology, most people hardly think about it or how chargers are made. At Mcdodo, were your go-to phone accessory provider, and our experts have prepared detailed answers for your peace of mind.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Experiments on wireless power transfers were first started by the great inventor Nikola Tesla. He was looking into electromagnetic induction, which is how wireless power is transmitted.

Electromagnetic induction consists of sending power to an object, like a charging pad. The pad is made with a coil that will produce and transmit an electromotive force, such as voltage, through a conductor while creating  a magnetic field. 

A second coil that's present in a device will act as a receiver when it interacts with the magnetic field at a close enough range, thereby enabling an electrical current. This is how different types of wireless processes work from wireless charging to cooking on stove tops to contactless payments.

There always needs to be a transmitter and a receiver coil for wireless charging to work.

Is Wireless Charging a Safe Process?

Yes. You'll be happy to know that your average wireless charger on the market is designed to create a safe field around itself. It's equivalent to radio waves, so in other words, it's not harmful to our health.

Mcdodo takes great care in manufacturing its electronics. While plugging and unplugging any type of wire has a minimal chance of creating an electrical shock, the induction components are housed in durable and water-proof casings for your protection.

Is Wireless Charging Bad for a Phone Battery?

There is a misconception about wireless charging. Many people think that by leaving a phone on a wireless charger, the battery will go through more life cycles compared to using a wired charger where the battery gets a break.

Each lithium-ion battery is given a set number of cycles by the manufacturer before the cell will start to degrade. Whether you use wired or wireless chargers,your battery life will last about the same.

Mcdodo's High-Speed Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging still isn't embraced by all because it's slower than wired charging. The latter is also less stressful on your device, so it won't emit as much heat. This is why some wireless chargers are designed with fans.

If you want wireless charging devices that are faster than what's on the market, browse our selection. In general, our wireless charging products can have your device 50% charged within a single hour. This is a handy feature for when you need your phone on the road or in an emergency.

Get Your Wireless Charging Products from Mcdodo

Whether you need charging pads or a car dashboard charger, Mcdodo has what you need. We design high-quality charging products that are safe and cost-effective while providing superior performance.

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