How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Now that smartphones are an essential part of everyday life, keeping your phone charged has become an absolute necessity. Cellular technology evolves quickly, and companies strive to find better and faster solutions to common problems. Battery charging is one of those issues.

Thankfully, many companies have stepped up to the plate to deliver faster and more powerful charging solutions. Between fast Android chargers and fast iPhone chargers, as well as wireless charging solutions, consumers have never had more options when it comes to finding a faster charge.

How to Charge your Phone Faster

People use their phone for more applications than ever before, some of which can be very power intensive. The increased use and power demands of cell phones has made finding ways to make a phone charge faster a top priority for many people.

Some people resort to putting their phones in airplane mode, or turning them off altogether, in order to reduce charging time, but there's no need to cut yourself off from the rest of the world just to speed up the charging process. All you need is the latest and greatest in fast charging technology, and wasting your time waiting for your phone to charge will become a thing of the past.

Fast Chargers for Any Device

Phone Battery Charge

Breakthroughs in both charging and battery technology have made charging your phone faster than ever. But many of these fast-charging options were only recently introduced to the market, so people with older phones are missing out and losing time waiting for their devices to charge.

To cut down on charging time, even if you have an aging phone, McDodo carries a wide range offast Android chargersand< fast iPhone chargersto make sure your device keeps up with your pace.

Products like theMcDodo Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger can charge a lighting-compatible iPhone 40% fasterthan ever before thanks to 2.4A charging technology.

Features likeSmart Auto-Disconnect™will prevent battery damage from overcharging, while theSmart Auto-Recharge will keep your battery fully charged, all while the LED Breathing Halo Light displays your battery's status. All these great features are available for Android users too, thanks to theMcDodo USB-C Fast Charging Cable.

The Power of Wireless Charging in the Car

Now that wireless charging technology has become widely available on new phones, a new range of charging options will help you save time and keep your battery topped up. For anyone who spends a significant amount of time driving, a great way to make sure that your phone is always ready to go is to outfit your car with a wireless fast charger, like aFast Wireless Car Charger Cup or a 15W Fast Wireless Car Charger.

A charger cup is a great option because it blends in with the rest of your car's interior and won't obstruct sight lines. All you have to do is drop your phone in the cup when you hit the road and charging the phone will never slow you down again.

Charge Fast with McDodo

To make charging your phone go faster, there is no need to resort to airplane mode or turn your phone off. Outfitting your car with a wireless charger to charge your phone while you're on the move might be all you need. But if you're someone who doesn't spend much time at the wheel, an affordable upgrade to your current charging cable will make sure that you don't waste your time waiting on your phone to charge ever again!

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